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Present status and essence of standards in the Indian biogas ecosystem
The blogs presents the status of Biogas industry in India. It covers small, medium and large scale biogas plants and discuss over the present and needed standards.
Bio-CNG plant at Krishnayan Gaushala, Haridwar
The connection of biogas with the cow and its manure (dung) is pretty old. In India, Biogas is commonly known as Gobar Gas.  Having cattle in India is quite common …
‘Pragmatic policy-supported-ecosystem’ – Key to unlock the true potential of Biogas / Bio-CNG/ CBG / RNG industry
It’s indeed heartening to learn of India gearing up for the paradigm shift towards being self-dependent through the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’. Within this context, Biogas/ Bio-CNG/ CBG/ RNG can potentially …
Backing the need of Energy crop – An understanding
Main focus of the article is on generating Biogas and Bio-CNG from crops and its waste.
Bridging the Skill Gap in India’s Clean Energy Market: Biogas Centric
The article focuses on the possibility of generation of jobs because of the growth of the biogas industry keeping SATAT in the center.
Self-sustainable Gaushala
The article discuss about a Gaushala having a Bio-CNG plant, its need and benefits.
Why India must have a sustainable mix of energy
The article focus on the need of sustainable mix of renewable energy to fulfill the energy demand through renewable energy.