Biogas Lab Testing Nishant Krishna April 22, 2024

Biogas Lab Testing

IBA has, in an exciting collaboration with the German Biogas Association, established a cutting-edge Biogas laboratory at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-BHU) in Varanasi. This state-of-the-art facility is a hub of innovation that has been revolutionizing the landscape of waste management in India over the past years. 


Equipped with advanced technologies, the Biogas laboratory at IIT-BHU is more than capable of conducting myriad tests – from analyzing feedstock composition to assessing digester substrate stability, it delves deep into crucial aspects such as Biogas Production Potential, Total Alkalinity, and even dissolved Hydrogen Sulphide. It offers a comprehensive suite of tests aimed at unlocking the full potential of bio-methanation. 

We have also set up similar cutting-edge capabilities at the Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Bio-Energy (SSS-NIBE), an autonomous institute accredited to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. With this robust testing and analysis infrastructure in place, IBA is poised to tackle some of India’s most pressing waste management challenges head-on.  

Comprehensive Testing Methods: 

  • Dry Matter 
  • Organic Dry Matter 
  • Bio-methane Potential 
  • Total Alkalinity  
  • Total Volatile Fatty Acids 
  • FOS/TAC 
  • NH4-Ntot 
  • H2Stot 
  • BOD 
  • COD 
  • Acid Spectrum (C2-C6) 
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 
  • Potassium(K2O) 
  • Total Organic Carbon 
Why choose us
Collaboration with leading academic institutions

 Strategically situated within prestigious institutions like IIT-BHU and SSS-NIBE, our Biogas laboratories leverage inter-disciplinary contributions from various departments within these esteemed organizations. 


Cutting-edge testing infrastructure

Our comprehensive testing facilities encompass a wide spectrum of Biogas analytical services, including feedstock analysis, pre-digestion analysis, digester analysis, and post-digestion analysis, ensuring a thorough examination of all the stages of the Biogas production process. 

Advanced laboratory facilities

 Equipped with modern instrumentation and manned by dedicated research scholars, our laboratory is at the forefront of global Biogas research, enabling advanced experimentation and analysis in a conducive environment.

Exploring innovative research avenues

 Our research spans diverse domains, from laboratory analytics to yield optimization, substrate characterization, and instability analysis. Through innovative approaches, we continually strive to advance the understanding and application of Biogas technology. 

Biolab Tests

Liquid Effluent Analysis Bundled Test

Biolab Tests

Customizable Package of Individual Tests

Biolab Tests

Advanced “Gold” Test package of substrate Bundled Test

Biolab Tests

Nutrient package for substrate/organic fertilizer – Bundled Test