Feasibility Services Nishant Krishna April 22, 2024

Feasibility Services

At IBA, our foremost goal is to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. While our partnership with the German Biogas Association (GBA) gives us access to cutting-edge technical know-how and invaluable resources, our team of experts, with their extensive experience in the fields of municipal governance, agricultural and industrial sustainability, and ‘Waste to Energy’, provides top-tier professional services to ensure your Biogas plant thrives from day one. Given our strong technical foundations and immense on-ground knowledge, we are well-equipped to seize emerging opportunities for establishing Biogas as a future energy source.

Optimized-Feasibilty Study
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Site Assessment

 We explore the potential of your project site with our comprehensive analysis and evaluate various available feedstocks to determine the optimal mix, assess land suitability based on weighted scores across multiple parameters, and map out utilities to maximize efficiency. Our meticulous approach includes demand mapping, socio-economic analysis, and stakeholder identification to ensure holistic project success.

Financial Due Diligence

 Our team helps you gain clarity on your project's financial viability with our detailed analysis. From Capex and Opex estimates to free cash flow analysis and profitability assessments, we provide a comprehensive financial appraisal that will enable you to anticipate and navigate potential challenges, ensuring sound investment decisions. 

Technical Recommendations

 At IBA, we empower you to harness the power of cutting-edge technology for the Biogas industry with our expert recommendations. We undertake detailed assessments of Biogas viability and comparisons with the latest innovative technologies, offer specific technical recommendations, and help map your entire Biogas project with probable equipment suppliers. With our guidance, you will be able to leverage the most effective solutions for your Biogas project's success. 

Risk Analysis and Overall Recommendations

 Navigate potential obstacles with confidence using our risk analysis and recommendations. We establish project schedules, outline clearance requirements, and provide steps to access subsidies for your Biogas plants. Our tailored business model recommendations and scenario analysis empower you to mitigate risks effectively, ensuring a smooth journey from inception to implementation.