Biogas App Nishant Krishna April 21, 2024

Biogas App

IBA’s Biogas app delivers swift access to information and real-time assistance. With features like the Biogas Calculator, Resource Mapping, Real-time Assistance, Biogas Basics, Government Policies, and Farmers’ Corner, it serves as a comprehensive resource hub. 

Why opt for the Biogas App?

Our Biogas app offers a wealth of resources, from substrate potential and policy updates to fundamental knowledge and insightful blogs. Continuously upgraded for an enhanced user experience, it’s your go-to platform for staying informed and empowered. 

Biogas Calculator

Explore the hidden power of your substrate with our versatile Biogas Calculator. With over 200 substrates and 6+ crucial result parameters discover your substrate's true potential.


Navigate the landscape of Biogas with ease. Discover nearby plants and effortlessly add your substrate or Biogas plant to our interactive map.


Empower yourself with our comprehensive policy updates and stay ahead of the curve with the latest policies and permissions required from both the Central and State governments.

Buyer-Seller Platform

Turn organic waste into valuable resources and seamlessly purchase and sell organic fertilizer through our dedicated buyer-seller platform.

Join the Biogas revolution….

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