Our Team Nishant Krishna April 17, 2024
Dr. A R Shukla is a distinguished adviser with decades of expertise in the bio-energy sector. Retired from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), his leadership has significantly shaped India's renewable energy landscape. As President of the Indian Biogas Association, he drives his teams to deliver impactful change towards a sustainable future.
Dr. A.R. Shukla
Aprajita is a seasoned social entrepreneur and experienced professional in the sustainability space. As Strategy Advisor to the Indian Biogas Association, she displays an enduring commitment to driving sustainable change through advocacy, strategic planning, and collaboration with diverse stakeholders. She is proficient in creating productive partnerships with civil society organizations and government bodies.
Aprajita Mishra
Strategy Advisor
Mansha has successfully worked on numerous sustainability projects that have helped create positive climate change, generate renewable energy, and increase energy efficiency. Her strength lies in her ability to accurately research and analyze critical data, and offer valuable advisory in the domain of sustainability and energy management.
Mansha Tejpal
Senior Manager – Data Analysis and Research
An expert in developing renewable energy solutions aimed at shaping a more sustainable future, Lakshey is keenly interested in bioenergy technologies. Proficient in 3D modeling, data analysis, AutoCAD, and biomass conversion, Lakshey thrives on technological innovation. His experience enables him to drive impactful change and facilitate the adoption of eco-friendly practices.
Lakshey Sehgal
Assistant Manager - Research
A talented graphic designer, Jyoti brings creativity in design to the Indian Biogas Association. She visually communicates the association's mission and initiatives, effectively engaging stakeholders, and the public alike. Her expertise in graphic design enhances the organization's branding efforts, ensuring impactful visual representation across various platforms.
Jyoti Naarang
Senior Officer - Graphic Design
An acknowledged leader in the clean energy realm, Gaurav brings a wealth of experience and vision to his role as Chairman of the Indian Biogas Association. With a commitment to global sustainability, he aims to pioneer a model for green energy utilization while advising governmental bodies on strategic renewable energy initiatives.
Gaurav Kumar Kedia
Abhijeet serves as Director of Operations at the Indian Biogas Association. He possesses over two decades of experience spanning diverse sectors including Pharma, Petrochemical, Utilities, and Automation, and brings with him a wealth of expertise in production, process operations, strategy, and planning.
Abhijeet Mukherjee
Director Operations
Raj is a financial professional with extensive experience in both Accountancy and Tax Audit across diverse sectors including trading, services, and infrastructure. Eager to embrace emerging technologies, he is driven by a strong desire to contribute to organizational growth through his proactive approach to problem-solving.
Raj Sah
Senior Manager Administration and Accounts
Jyoti is a dynamic professional with expertise spanning marketing, brand strategy, public relations, event curation, content creation, and social media awareness. Her strategic approach to PR and event management ensures seamless execution and heightened brand visibility.
Jyoti Malik
Senior Officer- Marketing and Communication
Anjani anand
Sales & Service Officer
Binod has an unparalleled understanding of biotechnology and a wealth of experience in the sustainability space. His decades-long career is testament to his unwavering dedication to driving transformative change. As Vice President of IBA, Binod is committed to mitigating environmental challenges by harnessing groundbreaking technologies for real-world impact
Binod Daga
An accomplished research scientist, Rohit specializes in advising organization on sustainable energy solutions with a focus on biogas, bio-CNG, and biochemical methane potential (BMP) testing. He also has a deep-rooted interest in enzyme manufacturing and pollution control, particularly in designing, operating, and maintaining Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs).
dr. K. Rohit Srivastava
Senior Manager – Consultancy
Arjun has diverse expertise in sales, business development, and marketing management across the agri-business, social impact, and renewable energy sectors. An effective and articulate leader, Arjun is dedicated to driving the adoption of environmentally responsible practices and fostering economic growth by empowering individuals and communities to transform waste into clean energy.
Arjun Gambhir
Key Account Manager
A dedicated professional proficient in administration, accounting, and human resources management, Pawan plays a pivotal role in ensuring organizational efficiency and effectiveness. His expertise encompasses administrative tasks, financial management, and HR functions, making him a versatile member of our team.
Pawan Sahoo
Senior Officer – Accounts and Administration