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Indian Biogas Association (iba) in association with German Biogas Association(GBA) is organizing a delegation trip to Germany between 12th November, 2016 to 19th November, 2016. The scheduled trip is part of the 3 years project entered between iba and GBA, the BIG-P. The focus of the trip will be on understanding the German progress in the Biogas sector. The trip shall enable delegates of India from diverse field to explore the immense range of possibilities that Biogas technology has to offer in German context. Germany being the pioneer in the sector and with the kind of expertise it has built in the last couple of decades, the trip shall provide a forum for the delegates to revisit their experience in Indian scenario vis a vis German trend.

Touring Delegates represent different fields of Biogas like industry, institutes, government bodies, associations, confederations and so on. The tour provides an opportunity for cross functional interactions of several dignitaries from around the globe which shall be instrumental in effecting a paradigm shift in the Indian Biogas sector. Upon returning to India, the delegates are expected to disseminate their experience and learning at various level within their respective fields thus providing the much-needed impetus for the sector to take off steeply.

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