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Welcome to IBA
Welcome to the Indian Biogas Association (IBA)

Your gateway to sustainable energy solutions. As a leading advocate for Biogas adoption in India, we are dedicated to transforming organic waste into renewable energy sources. Explore our comprehensive resources, innovative projects, and expert insights as we pave the way towards a cleaner, greener future for India and beyond. 

Join us in harnessing the power of Biogas to fuel progress and combat climate change.

Let’s shape a cleaner future!

Knowledge Hub

IBA serves as the definitive hub for comprehensive Biogas-related information, offering streamlined access to invaluable resources and expertise. With IBA as your one-stop destination, you can gain unparalleled insights and expert guidance to navigate the realm of Biogas solutions with professionalism and efficacy.

Voice Of Biogas

Discover the thriving pulse of India’s Biogas industry as we proudly represent its dynamism on both national and international stages. With a finger on the industry's pulse, IBA bridges the gap between innovation and advocacy, ensuring our presence resonates across global platforms. Explore how we champion sustainability and excellence, propelling the biogas industry forward with every interaction.

Training Manpower

IBA offers comprehensive training services through various channels, aimed at cultivating skilled manpower for the industry. Our tailored programs empower individuals and organizations with the expertise and knowledge necessary to meet the evolving demands of the Biogas sector, ensuring a proficient workforce poised for success. Read on to know more about our diverse training avenues and unlock your potential in shaping the future of Biogas innovation.

Biggest Network

Acknowledged for its expansive national network and extensive global footprint, IBA stands at the forefront of the Biogas revolution, not just in India, but far beyond its borders. We spearhead sustainable solutions that empower communities to enact meaningful change on a local and international scale, shaping a brighter future for all.

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Developing Biogas Towards a greener future

The Biogas industry is poised to play an important role in India’s renewable energy portfolio. We at IBA are relentlessly working for the growth and success of the industry. We proudly want to say that we have succeeded with different phases to ensure the sustainable growth of the Biogas industry for the past 8 years. And, we hope to continue doing that for years to come and make our family bigger and make biogas industry a frontrunner of the renewable energy sector. 

Online Biogas Training

Learn all about Biogas from the convenience of your home with our comprehensive courses. Delivered by.....

Classroom Biogas Training

IBA hosts occasional Biogas training sessions across various locations in India, featuring renowned.....

Biogas App

IBA’s Biogas app delivers swift access to information and real-time assistance. With features like the Biogas Calculator..

Biogas Magazines

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Feasibility Services

At IBA, our foremost goal is to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. While our partnership............

Biogas Lab Testing

IBA has, in an exciting collaboration with the German Biogas Association, established a cutting-edge.......


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