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Indian Biogas Association is organizing the ‘virtual biogas training tour cum awards’ to recognize and honor the companies/organizations/NGOs/NPOs/Start-ups for their phenomenal contribution in the biogas sector. Upon honoring a few of the exemplary contributors in three categories listed underneath. Through this endeavor, IBA encourages several other relevant stakeholders in the biogas ecosystem to take a leaf out of these nominations and in turn etch their own success stories.


Promising start-up

Any recognized start-up by the start-up India initiative of the government of India. The start-up should be working in the value chain of biogas. At least, the idea should be in the execution stage. The category includes any type of biogas plants, technologies, or models like community models.

Circular waste management – bio-methanation category

Any company / NGO / NPO / start-ups can apply in this category working in the biogas sector also working in waste management. The category includes small, medium, and large-scale plant as well as community-based models.

Operational Excellence- Biogas plants

Any company / NGO / NPO / start-ups can apply in this category having successfully running or installed those plants which are successfully running. The category includes plants that are successfully running and financially self-sustainable.


  • For companies: INR 999 (including taxes) per category.
  • For start-ups, NGO/NPOs: INR 499 (including taxes) per category.

Why should you apply?

Chance to get more visibility on the national and international level with India’s largest biogas platform.

Attractive prices (Free IBA annual membership – for non-members) and recognition certificate.

Increased reach to the targeted audience

  • Final screened nominations will be covered in the biogas magazines. IBA quarterly magazine has a total circulation of over 10000 copies per edition.
  • Short videos of the final screened nominations will be published during the event on IBA’s social media channels, result in increased recognition and visibility. IBA has over 60000 followers of its social media platforms.
  • Short interviews of the final nominations will be published in IBA’s publications.

Brand Building opportunities

  • Reach out to your potential customers,
  • Expand your footprint in an ever-growing IBA network (namely national and state-level government agencies, PSUs, international and national organizations, investor houses, NGOs, NPOs, academic institutions, and many more), which spans the entire spectrum of the biogas industry value chain.

Important Dates

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