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ASN believes in imparting education in a safe, comfortable and congenial atmosphere where students make optimum use of the available facilities.


ASN Schools are yardsticks of quality and excellence and thereby the fuly air conditioned school provides a congenial atmosphere for students so that they spend the day in comfort.


The School has the latest 24 hours surveillance system for the safety of the students. Each room and corridors have been fitted with high resolution cameras which are connected to a high tech control room with four LED screens capturing all the happenings of the schools.


The School has a well-equipped and aesthically designed Maths& Science Lab set up by libraries and hands on equipment to give the students extensive practical experience in the theoretical concepts making the learning of mathematics& Science more interesting and effective.


The school has smart class rooms from Nur to Class VII which allows the students to use technology to explore, discover, question, evaluate, create and communicate in the information age.


The open air theatre provides opportunities for students to showcase their latest talents, where they can bloom from buds. Many programmes, stage presentations, celebrations and special assemblies keep the stage roaring and buzzing throughout the session.


Since the school is a day boarding school , the school provides a spacious air conditioned dormitory with many bunk beds that are made to order for students of Nur, KG & Class I. After scrumptious food, the students enjoy a sleep time of an hour after which they are ready to enjoy the 2nd half of the day in school.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The school has well equipped, neat, clean and hygienic kitchen with an electric automatic ‘chappati maker’ a dish washer and well kept cooking equipments. The adept kitchen staff prepares a balanced and dainty meal for the students. Monthly planner of the school meanu for lunch & the tasty snacks provided in the evening, are duly mailed to every parent. Health & Hygiene is of utmost priority for the school.


The school has a well equipped computerized library with a large stock of books including encyclopedias, fiction, reference books etc. It also subscribes to a number of dailies, magazines and journals. There are mobile libraries for junior classes along with within classroom libraries.


The fully air-conditioned Hi-Tech resource centre is audio-visual equipped with an LCD projector to conduct various co-curricular and extra curricular activities.


We have an aesthetically designed room for dance and music (vocal and instrumental) where students are exposed to wide range of dance forms and music from different cultures and genre. School has student ensemble and music choir that delights everyone with their amazing performances. Students also present special cultural programmes at special assemblies and events.


Yoga is a science of well being&a science of integrating body, mind and soul. Yoga classes provide the students an opportunity to sit , relax & concentrate. Yoga cum Activity Hall is used for various activities and competitions that are held during the session.


The Sandpit is a great opportunity for developing social skills, team spirit and language development. It stretches the imagination and creativity of the students & gives an opportunity for students to explore, experiment, construct , measure , classify and develop their artistic skills.

As children love to play in water, a child friendly splash pool for the blooming buds is ready for them to splash in the summer season. Water play is more than just fun. It helps developing the social skills and eradicating the water phobia (if any) in children.


School provides a well knit transport system connecting all important points with a fleet of well maintained buses. The bus drivers are quite experienced and are given regular training by recognized centres. The various bus routes with details of stops/timings are displayed in the campus as ready reference for parents and students.


The campus has a well equipped medical room with basic necessary medicines to handle common complaints and minor injuries. A trained nurse is always on duty. In case of an emergency, the child is immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

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