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Biogas magazine edition 04

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Biogas Magazine, Edition 04

  • IBA News
• Workshop on “Biogas in India – Status-quo and the way ahead”, Pg. No. 06
• Biogas Training Tour 2018, Pg. No. 08
  • Success Stories
• Press Mud to Bio-CNG, Pg. No. 19
  • National Corner
• Why India needs a robust energy policy, Pg. No. 09
• Backing the need of Energy crop – An understanding, Pg. No. 12
• A critical review on the Biogas sector in India, Pg. No. 23
  • International Corner
• Grass and cattle manure digestion: A viable feedstock alternative, Pg. No. 16
• Biomethane: the future of sustainable use of biofuels, Pg. No. 28
  • Case Study
• Nashik becomes Waste-to-Energy model, Pg. No. 26
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